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Image & Text Guidelines

In partnering these amazing and socially responsible brands there are some rules and guidelines we need to adhere too to ensure the best quality product. We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders if we think they don't meet these standards:

1. Please KEEP IT CLEAN. We cannot print inappropriate photos or language (e.g. nudity, partial nudity or swearing) 

2. KEEP IT SOCIAL. We can't print photo's of people who in our opinion look like they have consumed too much alcohol. We also can't print disparaging words about the brand or person you are doing the labels for

3. KEEP IT BALANCED. We can't print politically motivated statements. These brands are for everyone. Also, you can personalise the brand to yourself, your friends or occasion, but we can't change the brand name to something it's not e.g. Victoria Bitter to New Zealand Bitter

4. You must be OVER 18 years old to order or appear on these labels. 

5. QUALITY PHOTOS return a quality label. Try to ensure there is a contrast between the person and the background to enable a quality cut out. If a photo looks clear to you, then it's clear enough for us

6. Try to ensure a CLEAN OUTLINE of the person e.g. Flowing hair or fishing rods are very hard to cut out cleanly. If hair is a bit messy, we reserve the right to give you a stylish haircut for errant strands ;-)

7. Ensure there's is enough of the person's BODY SHOWING to enable the photo to be placed from the bottom of the label. AVOID head and shoulder cut offs, we are great at Photoshop but we can't create missing body parts....

8. Photos of ANIMALS / PETS / CARS / BOATS are allowed

9. NO LOGO's on the labels. Logo's on top of these logo's just look weird. For corporate events we suggest you use the text only version of the organisations name. If you use an organisations name you are warranting to us that you have the required permissions to do so. But a picture of someone wearing a VB hat on a VB label is OK 

10. NO SPONSORED JERSEYS, HATS, FLAGS, TEAM NAMES etc. We have the licensed rights to use these beer brands in this way. We (or the beer brands themselves) don't have the licensed rights to use other organisations intellectual property. Unless your beer brand appears as a sponsor of the jersey your wearing, it's safer to assume we/you don't have the right to use it on these labels. If you are using this for your local team, by uploading the photo and/or their name you are warranting that you have secured the permission to use the intellectual property in that way 

Here's an example of a picture that we used for our website photos. It's a great photo, full head, shoulders and enough body to place you on the label. We cut the background out, leaving just you and/or friends and family:



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