Time to plan for Fathers Day - Sept 1st!

About Us

Brand owners have always done this for special customers and staff, but we believed loyal drinkers should be able to have a crack too, so we decided to have a crack! 

My Brand And Me is dedicated to making occasions extra special through branded personalisation

Our company has over 28 years of senior marketing and sales experience for World Famous brands of beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks, enabling an understanding of the unique requirements of brand owners and consumers alike

We love hearing from branded beverage and food-makers with an open minded approach to their brands connecting with their customers. Global sites are launching soon. 

Contact us at BrandLovers@MyBrandAndMe.com 


Andrew Coates

Founder / Owner

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Our first happy customer!


"MY BRAND AND ME" is a Trademark of My Brand And Me Pty Ltd

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