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GREAT NORTHERN ORIGINAL 24 x 330ml Picture Labels

Product image 1GREAT NORTHERN ORIGINAL 24 x 330ml Picture Labels
Product image 2GREAT NORTHERN ORIGINAL 24 x 330ml Picture Labels

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The look on people’s faces when they see this is priceless. Who wouldn’t like to be immortalised on their favourite brand?

Sold in lots of 24 labels (does not include beer), just enough for a 24 pack. They are sent for you to apply to the beer that you've bought.



Due to the label being clear, the existing label needs to be removed first. Our Facebook community tested this and recommend the following 

1. Remove the current label with your nails or plastic blade. Don't use sharp metal objects as scratching pressurised glass bottles can cause them to explode! This is the hardest part of the process.... 

2. To remove the glue, our community recommended the following options using common household ingredients and tools:

  • Soak in warm water for a couple of hours, ideally using a product like Napisan whitening product mixed in
  • Napisan alternatives included tea tree oil (alone or mixed in with Napisan), lemon essential oil, or an alcohol based hand sanitiser gel
  • Rub off with a scourer sponge or old toothbrush and wipe down with a cloth

3. Apply the labels to room temperature bottles, not chilled 

4. These labels are a little hard to align straight onto the bottle as you won't have the label underneath to guide you, so take your time because you'll ideally need to get it right first time most likely as the label leaves glue on the bottle if you remove it and try again

Discount Code: MULTIPLE in the basket for a 10% discount for orders of 2 or more 24pks
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