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GREAT NORTHERN SUPER CRISP 6 x Personalised Neoprene Coasters NAME CHANGE

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Calling all Great Northern beer brand lovers! Elevate your beer-drinking experience with our Personalised Great Northern Neoprene Bar Coasters. These coasters are the perfect companion for your favorite brew, adding a touch of personalisation and style to your beer-drinking ritual.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our neoprene bar coasters are designed to be both durable and practical. The high-quality 5mm neoprene (wetsuit) material ensures that these coasters can withstand even the liveliest beer-drinking sessions, while the slip-resistant backing keeps them securely in place on your bar or table.

What sets our Personalised Great Northern Neoprene Bar Coasters apart is the opportunity for personalization. Add your photo, name, nickname, or a special message to make each coaster uniquely yours. Every time you reach for your Great Northern, you'll be reminded of your love for the brand and the personalized touch that sets your coaster apart.

Treat yourself or surprise your beer-loving friends with these Personalised Great Northern Neoprene Bar Coasters. They make the perfect gift for any Great Northern enthusiast, combining personalisation, style, and practicality in one package. Elevate your beer enjoyment and show off your love for Great Northern with these exceptional coasters. Cheers to personalised perfection!

NOTE: Quality photos matter more for coasters versus labels given the printing process and material. If it looks great on your mobile, it will look great here. Dark, unfocused or grainy photos are very hard to make look good on these irrespective of how good looking you are ;-)

*Officially licensed and approved product

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